Jewelry - Skincare - Makeup Artist - Wig Stylist

About Me



I guess you can call me a craft queen or a renaissance woman.

Because I’ve always been creating things my entire life, starting from sewing my Barbie doll clothes as a kid, getting into painting, drawing, cake decorating, as an adult, gardening, and my latest obsession, making fun and sparkling jewelry.

My other creative professions are licensed esthetician, freelance makeup artist and wig stylist for the entertainment industry.  I started selling my jewelry because so many people loved what I made and asked to buy pieces from me.

That is how Beadaful Designs by Donna came about.  My jewelry style is a little bit of classic meets bohemian and a little eclectic too.   I love to work with color, texture, and movement in my designs.  Symmetry is so boring, no right angles for this girl.

On this website, I will be covering several subjects that I love to create and participate in.  They will be jewelry,  gardening, skincare info, crafting, a little history and application of fashion, makeup, and hair that I might think is interesting for you. I believe we are never too old to learn.