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Simple Drops


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Adorn your ears with these custom made simple drops. Each earring is made at the time of order.  The design possibilities are endless.

You decide what bead, wire and shape you want for your drops.  The wire base come in two finishes, 99% silver or 24k over a copper core. Decide on the type of end for your wire.  It can be a simple small ball,  a cluster of balls that create a flower, a flat nail head, or a heart .  Finally decide what type of shape you would like your drop:Round or Elongated shape.

Measurement:  6mm rondelle or round bead are used      1″ in length

How to order:  Purchase on line.   Then send me a message with the details of your order. I will then make it.  If you don’t see a color you want,  I may have something in my stock that I haven’t gotten a chance to photograph just yet.  Give me 3-5 days after placement of order before I mail it out to you.



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