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Celebrate Summer with a Strawberry Martini

Celebrate Summer with a Strawberry Martini

Welcome to Summer, it’s my favorite time of year.  I love the carefree feeling, the warmth of sun and all the variety of fresh ripe fruits ready to eat.  One of my favorites is strawberries.   When ever I have a strawberry is reminds me of summer.  It got me thinking.  Why can’t I combine my favorite fruit with my favorite cocktail, a vodka martini, to enjoy summer.  That is how the Strawberry Martini came to be.

First thing you must do before making the martini is to infuse the vodka, of your choice, with ripe strawberries.  That will be the basis of the cocktail.  Don’t try to substitute adding strawberry syrup to the vodka.  If you did, it would end up tasting like syrup in your vodka.  You will miss out of the brilliant red color, the vibrant scent of strawberries and fresh fruit nuances in the vodka.   It is very easy to do this.  It just takes a few days for the fruit to infuse into the vodka.  Then you have it to create a delicious summer martini or add sparkling water to it and have an adult strawberry soda.

Instructions to Infuse Vodka

We will be making 1.7 liter of infused vodka.  If want to make less, use a 750 ml bottle of vodka


Ripe Strawberries (Riper the better)– two – pint baskets – amount is for 1.7L (if at the store, they have  one large container of berries, use that) one- pint basket -amount is for 750ml

Vodka (of your choice) – It’s not necessary to get the best  vodka.  I prefer my Polish potato vodka so that’s what I use.

Large glass container with a non-leaking lid– large enough to accommodate the vodka and strawberries. It’s important that it doesn’t leak when you shake it. I must be glass, plastic will affect the infusing.  The plastic collects flavors from past usage.

Colander – used to strain the strawberries from the vodka.

Funnel – used to transfer the vodka to and from the bottle

2 Bowls – one large enough to accommodate the strained vodka and one large enough to hold the cut strawberries

Cutting Board and Paring Knife – used to prepare the strawberries


  1. Prepare the strawberries. Wash, cut off the tops of the berries, discard the tops and cut in half or quarters, depending on the size of the berry.  Transfer cut berries to bowl for temporary holding.  Note: if a berry has some blemishes like soft and moldy brown patches on the fruit, cut it out.  It’s not good, will affect the quality of taste in the vodka
  2. Place berries into the large glass container
  3. Pour the vodka into the large glass container, place the lid tightly on. Save that bottle, you will be using it later.
  4. Let it infuse for 5 days sitting on counter, out of the direct light. Shake gently the glass container briefly once a day.  This will help the strawberries to mix with the vodka better. If you can’t shake, then use a spoon to stir it.
  5. On the 3rd day, check the color, flavor, and give it a smell test. The color should be bright red.  It will have a fresh strawberry scent.  The strawberry flavor will be more noticeable; however, the finish will still be a vodka taste.
  6. On the 5th day, it should be ready. The color will be more intense than the 1st  It will defiantly smell like strawberries.  The flavor will be more intense, having a strawberry after taste finish on the tongue, not a vodka finish like on day 3.
  7. It is time to strain the strawberries from the vodka. Place the colander over the bowl.
  8. Pour the vodka from the large glass container into the colander as the bowl collects the infused vodka.
  9. Put the infused vodka back into the vodka’s original bottle. Use the funnel to help guide the vodka into the bottle.
  10. Place the cap back on the bottle and store where you usually keep your vodka.  It can be stored in the freezer if you want to. I’m not too sure of the shelf life since it doesn’t stay around for too long in my house.

How to make strawberry infused vodka


Strawberry Martini Recipe

Strawberry Infused Vodka       (3 oz/90ml)

Splash of Orange Liqueur

Combine vodka and orange liqueur with ice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake well and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with strawberry

Strawberry infused vodka is not just for martinis.  Here are a few other things you can do with the vodka:

  • Add sparkling water making it an adult soda
  • Add some lemonade
  • Add ice tea and lemonade
  • Add sparkling water and lemonade
  • Muddle some cucumber, mint or more strawberries to any of those suggestion listed above

Become your own mixologist and get creative.   Enjoy a little bit of summer in every sip.


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