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Disappointing Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo 2017

This past weekend, on Saturday, I attend the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I thought it would be nice to see some inspirational speakers, learn about new products and services that address women’s issues.  Well, it wasn’t quite what I expected.   Their tag line is “The Nation’s Largest Women’s Expo combining the very best in shopping, speakers, makeovers and rejuvenation designed for the Ultimate Experience for women.”  That so far from the truth.  It was a scam.

My first clue to this was when I saw the signage to the expo after I entered the convention center lobby.  It was a tiny poster on a tripod.  On that poster is said to screen shoot the poster to get in for free.  I did that.  When I got to ticket booth to redeem the offer. The rude girl said no, I don’t get in for free.  She told me, I had to go to the convention center to get the pass. I thought to myself, I am at the convention center.  What gives?  When I asked her where to go, she didn’t have that information, so I paid.  I asked for a receipt since I paid cash, she didn’t have a receipt for me.  I thought that was suspicious, by the way, she was the only one at the ticket booth.  The only thing I received to validate my payment was a red stamp that was placed on my inner wrist, which rubbed off the first time I washed my hands.

The vendors at the show where not ground breaking.  I believe the vendors should have been vetted better.  I saw the usual vendors that you could find at any swap meet and county fair.  There were some vendors that duplicated each other, like Scensty and insurance companies.  Then there were a few vendors I thought was unappropriated at a “classy and luxurious event”.  They were selling sex toys, cheap quality corsets/stripper clothing and even had a vendor promoting stripper pole dancing.  Nothing says class than picking up a dildo and taking a pole dance class while wearing a cheap corset.

Now for the speakers.  I sat for the 2 Key note speakers.  They were Tyler Henry, from the show Hollywood Medium and Mackenzie Phillips, One Day at a Time fame.  I enjoyed them, both were entertaining, engaging and enthusiastic. I only wished they had more time to speak, since they were Key Note Speakers.  They only had a 25-minute time slot to speak, 15min to speak and 10min for a Q & A.  I hated the seats.  The seating arrangement for the speakers so was cramped.  The small plastic seats were zipped tied together, making you yearn for the spacious seating for the airline’s economy class seating.

The show promoted free samples of product, services, and activities.  They had them, but the wait and lines were too long for me.  I’m not waiting for 15min for a thimble size of cheap wine.  The info for these freebies were hard to find or nonexistent.  I had to ask people in line to find out what the line was all about.

When this show makes its appearance again later this fall, stay home.  It’s not worth your time or money.


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