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Fashion Photography Makeup Revisited

Did you know fashion photography makeup was the type of makeup I did, in the early years of my makeup career?  I never intended to work in theatre.  I just fell into my lap. It’s been a wonderful ride.

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday, I got to revisited my first love.   I did a fashion photo shoot with SoCal Fashion Photoshoots.  It was a nice change from doing wigs, hair and makeup for stage. It felt as if I was visiting and old friend.

SoCal Fashion Photoshoots is a group that is headed up by Tawny Horton. She is a fabulous photographer that puts together creative photoshoots for photographers, models, makeup artist and hair stylist so they can refine their craft. I didn’t know what to expect, since this was my first time with this group. The shoot took place at Soka University. The makeup and hair were done at a home of one of the photographer’s, Frederick Vang. With the time that was allotted, I only got to do 1 model’s makeup, Vlada K, and ended up doing 2 other model’s hair, Shayla Jennings and Madison Hopkins; only because, the makeup artist that took care of them didn’t do hair. Doing those girls hair was just like doing a  theatrical production; because, I had only ½ hr. of time to get their hair done.  I theatre it is common to only get 1o to 15 min per person to do their hair or put a wig on before curtain (start of the show).

I decided not to go to the location, Soka University,  because I wasn’t feeling good.  My blood sugar dropped, on me unexpectedly, and needed to get some food into me immediately. I was a little worried that my model’s makeup and hair wouldn’t turn out ok in the photos, since I wasn’t there. I normally would be there checking on things that the photographer or model would overlook.  When I view all the photos of my models, some of the photos, I would have tweaked a bit.  For example,  I saw some hair that needed some adjustment.  Overall I am happy with the quality of the photography  and the models. Everyone did a fabulous job.  I definitely have  photos that I can use for my portfolio.

Here are the behind the scenes images and fashion photography photos at Soka University.  All behind the scenes photos are taken by Frederick Vang.  I also attached  Instagram links of Frederick Van, Tawny Horton, Madison Hopkins, Shayla Jennings and mine for you to check out their and my other photography work.

Photographer: Frederick Vang

Photographer: Tawny Horton

Model: Madison Hopkins 

Model: Shayla Jennings  

Hair & Makeup: Donna Levy


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  • Tawny Horton says:

    Thank you for being a part of the shoot! Sorry, you were not feeling good. Did you get a piece of the pizza?! We even had that specialty vegan pizza haha!! Your work was great! Vlada looked amazing!!! And thank God for your theater experience to get the other girl’s hair done on time!! What would we have done without you?! Very grateful you were there!

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