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Upcycling – Turn a Plain Toilet into an Unique Mosaic Planter

What is upcycling?  It is a fancy word for recycling or reusing discarded objects that are no longer needed and I am all about it. In this blog I want to share with you an upcycled DIY art project that I recently did for my backyard.

Here’s a little bit about me. I like to take discarded or old things and turn them into something entirely different to use, in other words upcycling. This is what I did with my old toilet.  I turned it into a bedazzled mosaic planter for succulents. Several months back, I gave a face lift to my main bathroom in my house.  Now I had a toilet on my hands, taking up space in my garage. I had the decision to make, I could dispose of it at the dump or do something different with it. You see in the past, when I remodeled my kitchen, I took my old cast iron sink and recycled it into a planter.  It  now lives on my patio. Can you guess what I did? I chose to recycle it.

In a past blog, I shared with you my remodeled vanity top in that bathroom.  To keep with the idea of doing mosaic project, I wanted to do the same with the old toilet.  Instead of just tile this time, I wanted to bedazzled it up a bit. I got the idea to tile the toilet several years ago when I was checking out the pages of Pinterest.  I discovered this cute mosaic fountain and planter made from a toilet.  It even had a adorable ceramic, life sized, cat appearing to drink from the fountain. I loved this idea and knew someday I will try to recreate a version of this.  That day had come, I had a toilet sitting around my garage and also have the time available to do such a project. It  was a perfect time to create a my version on what I saw on that Pinterest page. I loved the cat idea but unfortunately; I couldn’t find a cat. Instead I found some adorable and colorful birds to use in place of a cat.  The next step was to collect the tile pieces and glass flat backed marbles. Finding the marbles was easy.  It was finding affordable tile was the challenge. I got the marbles along with a few figurines at my local Dollar Store. The birds I got at Michaels Arts and Crafts store.  The tile I found online.  Nowadays it is so hard to find color tile in the stores. It seems it’s not in fashion for home decor anymore.  Finally I gathered up all other necessary tools and supplies for the project.  It was time to start.

Instead of showing you the step by step process of my project, like I did with the mosaic vanity project, I want to show you photos of the progression of the project.  This blog is more of getting you inspired to create your own piece of art.

Here are the photos:

Donna Levy | Beadaful Designs by Donna

Materials List

I had so much fun doing this upcycled, bedazzled, planter for succulents.  There is something about trying to get the pieces to fit in a pleasing way makes it so relaxing for me.  I didn’t even mind that is took a lot longer to complete the project than planned. But that seems to happen with most DIY projects, at least for me. I hope I got you inspired to create something beautiful from something that’s not know for it. You are only limited by your imagination.

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Here are links to purchase some of the supplies that are needed to do this project.

GE Silicone 2+ Window & Door Caulk

Polyblend Sanded Grout

Miracle Sealants Tile/Stone & Grout Sealer

Grout Float

Drywall Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape

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