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Welcome to Beadaful Designs by Donna’s blog.  

I am so excited to share with you all.

Why do I want to start a blog you ask? Why not.  There are hundreds of other people sharing about themselves, experiences, and expertise with the cyber universe.  I feel, as if, I can contribute an unique point of view too.

I would describe myself a renaissance woman.  I have many different interests that I love to pursue. This blog will be about those interests.   One of the things I noticed online is a lack of a voice from women over 40 yrs. old.  There are many 20 and 30 somethings talking about beauty, makeup, and fashion.  And when I came across a blog that was targeted for 40 and above, there where mainly about children or retirement.  I wasn’t interested in that subject or even there yet.  Now, this is not a snub on the younger bloggers; matter of fact, I follow many of them and have learned from them too.  I just think it would be nice to hear from an older point of view.  Don’t you think?

What I would like my blog to be about is: skincare, demystifying the ingredients found on the skincare labels and what’s good for your newly aging skin.  I want to talk about makeup and how to update your look from your 20s to your 40s and above.  Let face it, we don’t have our 20-year-old bodies anymore so we need to update our clothing choices.  Being older doesn’t mean we need to be a conservative, cardigan, blazer and sensible shoe wearing old person.  Fashion is still important to us 40 and 50 somethings.   Since I’m a craft queen, I would also like to share some fun crafting and jewelry projects.  Occasionally, I may add a few gardening craft projects too.   Lastly, I would like to share a little history of fashion, makeup, and hair.  I believe we are never too old to learn.

I bet you’re wondering what does Beadaful Designs by Donna should do with this subject matter.    Well, it was created, at first, for my jewelry business.  I wanted to use the play on words for beads and beautiful.  My original work was mainly created with beads and crystals but I’ve moved on to resin, knotting and some metal work.  I felt the title still works because Beadaful is play on word for beautiful.  I like to use the analogy everyone is like a bead. That the world is like a bag of beautiful and one of a kind beads.  Combining the beads together will create all sorts of beautiful designs; therefore, you are the designer of your life.

I hope you will find my blog informative and useful.




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