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What a Magical Night

What a magical night, winner Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Award 2017 of Best Makeup for a Theatrical Production.

I Can’t believe I won.

On Sunday 2/19/17 was an awesome day for me.  It was the day, I and along with a team of talented artist, won Best Makeup for a Theatrical Production of Chorus Line at the 2017 Makeup Artists & Hair Stylist Guild Awards held at the NOVO/L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California.

The Guild Awards are like the Academy Awards for makeup and hair stylist.  How the process works is, an artist who feel’s their work is worthy can submit their show for consideration.  It is not only for union members; however, only the winners are voted by IATSE Local 706 members.  The nominees this year and in the past, have been from all over the world not just from Local 706 members.  This year according from Local 706 President, Sue Cabrel-Ebert, there were more than 400 productions submitted for 23 categories and in each category, there are 5 shows that are nominated.  Within each nominated show, there could be 3 nominee spaces eligible for the award.

Chorus Line was performed last summer at the Hollywood Bowl.   Performing this musical poses different challenges than performing in a conventional theatre, where the environment is controllable and stays same. 1st, the Hollywood Bowl is huge, so huge, there was needed giant screens for most of the audience to see.  Think of a rock concert.  2nd, the show started in daylight then finished in the evening.  That meant the lighting issues changed.  3rd, since it was in an outdoor venue and in the middle of a Los Angeles summer heat wave, we had to take in account of the performers sweating, which made it challenging for hair to stay curled and makeup staying in place.  Finally, we only had two dress rehearsals getting it right before performing it in front of paying audiences.

Theatre is a creative collaborated team effort.  One person cannot take credit for the show.  There were many more people in our makeup and hair department that should of, but didn’t receive the award.  Our designer, Vanessa Dionne, Romaine Markus-Myers, and I received the award; however, Cassie Russek, Stephanie Fenner, Christina Tracey, Debbie Bryan, and Mario Duran also should be recognized for their contributions.

The show’s format was like other Hollywood award shows, having a host driving the show, guest celebrity presenter’s, the red carpet walk and can’t forget the wonderful gift bags, supplied by all the awesome sponsors for the Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild Award show.    I have included a photo from the program of the complete list of sponsors for you all to check them out.  They were so heavy with goodies that I felt as if I was working out with weights while carrying it around.  Besides the bag, the award itself, was heavy too.

I can’t believe it happened to me. I never win anything.  I was so nervous and shocked I wanted to throw up on stage, though I didn’t.  I feel more comfortable being back stage than in front.  Let the actors do that.  I would like to thank all the voting members for receiving this awards and the generous sponsors for the gift bags.  It is quite an honor to be recognized by your peers.

Here are some photos of the night for you all to see.

Photo Credit: Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging

Mara Davi as Maggie Winslow – Photo Credit: Craig T. Mathew/Mathew Imaging



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